Production: What’s The Big Idea?

Format : 52×5′
Target : Upper preschool

Big ideas for little people! This lovely preschool series produced by Planet Nemo for the BBC and France TV is completely unique and I was very excited when I was approached in early 2012 to adapt the English dialogues into French.

It presented me with a challenge, initially given the way it introduces quite philosophical concepts to the younger audience! Other difficulties I encountered along the way included trying to transpose, rather than literally translate puns and play on words, many of which were translated visually…Not to mention trying to retain the same duration and structure of the dialogues.

Though it was arduous at the best of times, I found the project a very rewarding experience and was delighted to hear that the episodes I worked on were accepted by France TV.

The project was broadcast in 2013 by France TV and the BBC.

Translations/Adaptations undertaken for “What’s The Big Idea?”:

  • 32 episodes: dialogue adaptation (English into French)


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