Production: The Jungle Book

Format: 104 × 11′

In 2009-2010, I worked on an adaptation of Kipling’s “Jungle Book”.

I was initially asked to tackle the translation of the first draft of the series Bible, which contained basic descriptions of the characters and  of the series’ locations but, as can be seen from the notes below, I had an input at all levels in the project, from start to finish!

I was also asked to translate and adapt  Season 2 episodes.

Translations/Adaptations undertaken for “The Jungle Book”:

  • Series Bible (English > French)
  • Production Notes (French > English)
  • Pitches and Storylines (French into English)
  • Treatments (French into English; English into French)
  • Scripts (English into French)
  • Animatics (Dialogues: English into French)

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About Lise Morel

Originally from Paris, I have been living in Scotland since 1990. A tutor and a translator, I am the organiser (and proud sponsor!) of Edimbourg Français, Edinburgh's French conversation group and also produce the FrenchEdinburgh website (