Production: The Coop Troop

Format: 52 x 11’
Target: 6-9 y.o.

I was initially commissioned by Technicolor Animations to work on this fun project from development through to completion of the first season. Once the project went into production, I was sub sequentially hired by Sixteen South to translate the pickups into English.

  • From English into French: from bible to scripts.
  • From French into English: pickups.

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The logo and The Coop Troop images used here are simply illustrative and the copyright remains entirely with Mikros Animation (previously Technicolor Animation Production), Sixteen South and other stakeholders.




About Lise Morel

Originally from Paris, I have been living in Scotland since 1990. A tutor and a translator, I am the organiser (and proud sponsor!) of Edimbourg Français, Edinburgh's French conversation group and also produce the FrenchEdinburgh website (