Production: Mademoiselle Zazie

Format: 78 × 7′
Target: 5 – 8 y.o.

I started working on Mademoiselle Zazie in 2010, when it was still very much at development level.

However, I was very excited when I was asked to work on the 78 episodes of the series, to adapt them from French into English.

I finished translating the last episode in September 2012: what a journey it has been! I am now looking forward to seeing the adventures of that wonderful little girl on a TV near me!! 

Translations/Adaptations undertaken for “Mademoiselle Zazie”:

  • Series Bible (French > English)
  • Pitches and Storylines (French into English)
  • Scripts (French into English)

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About Lise Morel

Originally from Paris, I have been living in Scotland since 1990. A tutor and a translator, I am the organiser (and proud sponsor!) of Edimbourg Français, Edinburgh's French conversation group and also produce the FrenchEdinburgh website (