Animation Portfolio


I started working with Alphanim in July  2011. After I translated  Calimero’s bible into French, I was asked to undertake Spencer’s, a new series aimed at pre-teens starring Spencer, a young boy who moved into a house haunted by a rather… rocky ghost! I am currently translating the series’ episodes into French. Alphanim also entrusted me with the translation of part of the  Santa’s Apprentice 2.

  • Bibles (Calimero, Spencer)
  • Storylines and pitches (Calimero)
  • Scripts (Apprenti Père Noël 2, Spencer)

Cyber Group Studios

I am currently translating everything about Zou (storylines, treatments and scripts) from English into French, as well as from French into English. What’s not to love about Michel Gay’s little zebra? The series, currently developed for Disney, is definitely looking good! 

  • Marketing material, notes of intent… (Zou, Académie Royale and various confidential projects)
  • Bibles (Zou, Académie Royale)
  • Storylines (Zou, Académie Royale, Miss Zazie)
  • Scripts (Académie Royale, Miss Zazie)


My collaboration with Moonscoop started in 2008 when I was contacted to translate the Casper character bible. A close working relationship developed and I was asked to handle the French>English translation of the Jungle Book project…

From production notes to premises, treatments and script! This was a very exciting opportunity with creative challenges galore! Other collaborations ensued, including Geronimo Stilton! Loved that mouse!

  • Translation notes: French > English translation (The Jungle Book, Geronimo Stilton)
  • Pitches, treatments, scripts and animatics: English > French translation (The Jungle Book, Geronimo Stilton, Casper at Scare School)
  • Characters Bible (The Jungle Book, Casper at Scare School)

Planet Nemo

I started a creative collaboration with Planet Nemo in 2007, working on one of their projects in development, Aloutah, a series of short animations about two adorable little rascals who live in the Arctic. This project requires creativity and flexibility, as this is much more a literary adaptation than a rough and ready translation!

  • 9 Scripts English > French
  • 3 Scripts French > English
  • Premises English > French, French > English