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Kwintessential Translation Services

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I have worked with them on a number of projects, mostly technical, to do with the automotive and oil/chemicals industry, but on lighter subjects too:

  • Paris Match articles for Hello Magazine (Sean Connery, Vanessa Paradis, Monaco)
  • Power Point presentations (Engine Oils)
  • Various press releases (Engine Oils)
  • Marketing material (Vehicle refinishing products)
  • Company’s corporate publication (Engine Oils)

Gemini Language Exchange

I worked with Gemini over the past few years on a range of projects – generally quite technical in nature: financial, pharmaceutical, coatings, to name but a few. Here are some examples of translations I provided:

  • Marketing brochures for anti-microbial products
  • Website for Safari park in South-Africa


A brief but intense collaboration on a very interesting project regarding climate change. The subject was difficult and it was sometimes not easy to handle, but I still found this project very rewarding:

  • 4 powerpoint presentations on Climate Change
  • 1 speech on Climate Change

ILS (Heriot-Watt)

I collaborated with ILS over a wide range of projects. It was very challenging especially as deadlines were often very tight:

  • Ethics code (Brewery)
  • Emails (Brewery)
  • EWC meeting notes (Brewery)
  • Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire
  • Introduction to a book (Scottish First Minister)
  • Registration Codes (UK)
  • Financial report (Oil-related company)
  • Company’s corporate publication (Distribution & Aviation)
  • Official report on Entente Cordiale centenary celebrations
  • Exam and Degree documents

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